Will blogging make me a better teacher?

Okay so I am still on this journey to understand blogging and how it can make me a better educator.

What does #Innovators Mindest have to say?

I have been reading The Innovator’s Mindest by @gcouros for a #RPSlead book club and one of the tasks that we could do after reading Part One was to start a blog.  Hmmm…  What does @gcouros say about blogs…

It is important to network and it is important for us to share, just like we ask our students to share.  Writing a blog is a way to do this.

He also mentions an article by Clive Thompson called “Why Even the Worst Bloggers are Making us Smarter.”  When we know that other people will be reading our posts we are more likely to put more thought into them which in turn enhances our own learning. This is true for me so far.  I have put much more thought into the last two posts here then I ever would in a handwritten journal enter that I may never even reread myself.

If I am writing a blog I am much more likely to read other people’s Blog’s: both to get ideas on how to format etc… and to see what other people are writing about.  Then I will be more connected and learning more.

How about #Edumatch?

Last night I listened to the @Edu_match tweet and talk about Blogging aired on April 16th with @JonHarper70bd.  There were five people on the panel.  Two of them said that blogging has helped them more than any other professional development they have done as an educator.  They both said that they need to blog regularly and that they love reading other people’s blogs.  It’s a way for them to feel that they are not alone and that other’s are going through the same thing they are.

Some of them plan their blogs, others just write what’s on their mind like a conversation. No matter what they write someone always seems to be able to connect with what they have written.

They mentioned ways that their students use blogs, and that students really like to read each others’ blogs for the same reason we do.

Where am I now?

Last night I went on to two art teacher blogs that I had saved to my toolbar.  I can’t remember where I saw these listed, it might have been on somebody else’s blog.  The first was called “Northern Art Teacher.”  This was brilliant.  She had a series of video art chats with art teachers from around the country speaking on different topics.  I listened to a couple of them.  So awesome and totally something I would want to be a part of!

The other blog “Thoughts on Arting” looked great too and I will visit it again.

Already after two posts about blogging and doing a little digging around I have discovered a lot.  I am starting to feel more connected.  Overwhelmed, yes, but more connected.  Some of these people have been blogging for ten years.  If I have learned this much and feel this connected in 3 months (since joining Twitter, and 1 week since starting this blog).  I can’t imagine how much more connected and knowledgeable I will feel after a couple years!

I am now starting to understand the power of blogging.  Even if no one ever reads these!!

How can my students use it?

I have an idea that I would like to try with my students.  They each have to evaluate themselves using a rubric and reflect on their learning experience each week.  I am going to give them the option of writing a blog and reflecting in a more open format, chosen by them, instead of completing my rubrics and reflections.  I have a feeling some of them will love it.

I am starting to feel the power….

I’ll keep you posted.


Author: alexiszaccariello

I am art teacher at an alternative high school.

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